Super short CV (English)

Valentina Lo Surdo is an Italian musician, anchorwoman, and international reporter. She began her career as a musician, graduating in piano, then completing a degree in musical journalism at Accademia della Critica in Rome. She made her debut as an anchorwoman in 2006, since introducing radio and television programs for Rai as a broadcast speaker. For the past fifteen years, she has also lectured on communication and public speaking. Beyond providing quality programming for various Rai stations, she has planned and introduced more than 800 concerts in five continents. Valentina is also active as a voice trainer and actress, through her seminar The Art of Success. Nicknamed “Abha” in India, Valentina is a reporter active on all continents. She is specialized in “walking journeys,” walking for 6 months all over Italy, collecting experiences for her magazine, video, and podcast reporting.